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The purpose of a CV is to allow an employer to understand who you are: your achievements, skills, qualifications and work history. This will enable them to see if you match any of their vacancies or if you could add value to them when they create a vacancy for you.

What should be included in your CV

Personal details: name, contact details, location
Personal profile: Who are you, what can you do, what’s your speciality all need to be answered.
Achievements: What difference did you make? If your achievements clearly outline you made a positive impact then it should be included. The more the better but be careful to keep them relevant to the job you apply for.
Skills: All relevant skills applicable to the role you are targeting.
Education and training: Make sure they are relevant and useful to your future employer
Work History: A summary of your career so far. Make sure to leave no gaps or explain clearly the gaps you have.

What should be excluded

Your age
Your marital status or sexuality
Size of your family
Reasons for leaving your job

You can find our preferred template here.

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