Cover Letters

Cover Letter

They enables you to highlight your unique, special, and most related qualifications and work experiences. Your cover letter should highlight how you, the candidate, are the best match for the job you are applying for and convince the reader to look at your curriculum vitae. Regardless of the type of cover letter each should show that you:

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    Understand the role

    Being able to illustrate you know exactly what the role is about, will show your interest.

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    Have researched the company

    Companies like to hire candidates that show a keen interest in their wider dealings.

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    Highlight why you fit the role and company

    Hiring managers are keen to understand if you are the right person for the role and company.

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    Desire to get the job

    Showing you really want that job is another key objective in your cover letter.

Other key elements to include in your cover letter are:

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    Contact details

    Make sure you can be contacted and the hiring manager or recruiter knows from which region you are

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    Targeted salutation

    Make sure you know who you are directing your letter to.

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    Job you are applying for

    Make sure your cover letter mentions the correct job. Each time you send a cover letter it should be fully customised.

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    Reference or job number

    Many companies have multiple roles with similar descriptions. If the advert has a reference number make sure you mention it.

We know cover letters are not easy but to help you we have made this little template available for download. Clic here for the Cover Letter Template