Five Jobs That Can Substitute Your Income in a Tough Economic Climate

Without a doubt, the last few years have been tough, with both large and small organisations being forced into administration or claiming bankruptcy and not to mention the thousands of redundancies that have occurred throughout the UK.

To many, losing their job is the worst possible thing that could ever happen. However, to be blunt, people do just have to accept that this is not actually the end of the world. Worse things could happen and you have to accept it, move on and stay positive that you are going to find something else.

You need to think of ways that will assist you in getting back on your feet and perhaps think about using your redundancy package (if you were lucky enough to get one) to help you in this, such as getting help updating or re-writing your CV from a professional. You can also be proactive in job hunting and send your CV off speculatively to companies who you’d like to work for, in the hope that they may have something but not yet advertised, or will keep your CV on file for when they have something that’s suitable.

Job hunting is never easy and it can take a while before something suitable crops up, so in the meantime it is a good idea to try your hand at something else, to help substitute your income. Below are 5 example jobs that you can try whilst you’re looking for another permanent position.

1.     Working in a restaurant or pub

A lot of people give this a go at some point in their lives and find that it actually teaches them a lot about customer service, patience and organisation. If you are positive and well-liked by the customers, you may find that you pick up more shifts and also start earning good money in tips.

This job is also a great way to get out and meet new people and you never know you could end up serving food or drink to someone who just so happens to be on the lookout for a new hardworking employee…

 2.     Contract or freelance work

If you have worked for a company and built up skills which are very much in demand, there’s no reason why you can’t offer these out through your own contracting or freelance service. Have a look through local newspapers, local online recruitment sites or in newsagents’ windows to see if there are any job postings that are relevant to your skills set.

If you are determined and build up some regular customers, word will soon spread and you may even find that you’re busier and happier working for yourself and so can build up your own business instead of working for someone else.

3.     Sales

Working in sales is not for everyone and that is why there tends to be so many jobs available, whether in telesales or door to door sales. However, sales can be a very good money making channel and if you are in need of work ,as well as money, then it may just be worth giving it a go. Try contacting companies like Avon or having a look on sites like Gumtree to explore sales opportunities. Some jobs will even provide commissions in addition to salaries.

Make sure you work for reputable companies though and avoid those who don’t offer a salary of sorts, other than commission, as you may find that you end up working hard and long hours but hardly selling anything and then getting no money despite working hard, which is not ideal.

4.     Local home and garden services

Households and small offices will always need cleaning and gardening services. Many people are on the lookout for professional, hardworking individuals who can iron, clean or keep a garden neat and tidy. So, if you are a competent gardener or are capable of doing other household chores, set up some online adverts on sites like Gumtree, state what your services and prices are and you’ll soon find that you start getting enquiries.

 5.     Sell items on eBay

You’ll be amazed at how much money people are willing to spend on items that you would class as junk. You can make a lot of money from selling your old and used items on eBay and you can even start up a little system once you are aware of what sells well and make even more money by buying items that you’ve found in car boot sales or charity shops and selling them on for a good profit.

Of course, all of the above jobs are meant to be stopgaps in your career and just help you get by whilst you’re looking for a permanent job. Even if you dislike what your stopgap job ends up being, keep in mind that it’s helping you make money and after all, some money is better than no money!


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