Exactly what will I be giving up and what will I be gaining to change careers?

What you give up and what you can gain when changing careers can be very different depending on the career you are leaving and the career you are beginning.
For instance if you are currently a teacher but are choosing to move to a finance career in the city then you might be giving up the feelings of pride and satisfaction that you get when the children you teach are successful, as well as flexible working hours and long holidays. However, by moving to a finance career in the city, you might be gaining a larger salary, great opportunities for career progression and a more active social life.
Many people change their careers for more money, which can lead to feelings of security as you no longer struggle to pay your mortgage; you can take exotic holidays, start a family, buy a car and gain many more positive things. However, for some people this, as in the above example, may come at the price of giving up warm and fuzzy feelings.
Many other people, when changing jobs soon realise that although they may have gained more money, they have given up their previously short commute and lie ins, for 6 am alarm calls and long train commutes into work.
Ultimately though, you should never make the change in your career unless you are sure that it is what you want and what is best for you. It doesn’t need to be about making more money; it can be about what makes you content. For instance, a high flying businessman who makes a six figure salary might decide to give it up and change to a more charitable career, where he doesn’t make nearly as much money but at the end of the day feels worthwhile and that he’s made a difference.
Changing career will always involve giving up some things and gaining others but provided you are positive, you will always be able to look on the bright side of anything that you must give up and should also keep in mind that starting a new career gives you the opportunity to start all over again and make sure that you get it right this time.
You can finally fulfill your true potential and find a value in what you do, which will help make your work and personal life, not only more exciting, but also more rewarding too.

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