Do I really need a career coach?

In this era of financial uncertainty, there has never been a better time to find a career coach. However, you are the expert of your own life, so ultimately only you can answer this question and make the best decision for yourself. If you are reading this, the chances are that you are considering the need to see a career coach. To give yourself the best chance, keep reading and see which of these points you fit into. What you decide afterwards could have a powerful impact on your life.

Do you have an existing career?

Perhaps you drifted between jobs when you were younger and gained a rung on the ladder to a steady career in your early twenties. If this is you, you have probably worked steadily since then, fulfilling all that was expected of you and enjoying reasonable independence on your income. When we dedicate ourselves to working hard in a full-time job it can be easy to forget the ‘I’ in the equation. Life can become about working Monday to Friday, winding down and spending time with our loved ones at the weekend, and trying to fit in some fitness or hobbies in the evening time.

At some point, you reach a moment of reflection that becomes a persistent nagging thought. You have worked to the best of your ability and can join the ranks of people who ‘have a career’. But do you also have a niggling feeling of not being quite fulfilled? Do you feel that you are fulfilling your employer’s expectations of you, but that word ‘fulfilment’ does not make its way to you at 100%? Then it is time to look at the career you are in. A career coach will help you to match you – the person – with your ideal career. It may be well be that you have gained all of the skills, been promoted through roles, but just not in the best career for you. The good news is that your skills are strong, transferable and highly sought after. A career coach will help you to look clearly at your situation and to plan the right career move for you.

How else can a career coach help you if you are already employed?


Perhaps you want to be promoted but you are unsure of how to ask for a higher position. Most of us are notoriously modest when it comes to selling ourselves. We fear getting it wrong and coming across as arrogant. A career coach will help you to identify your strengths and decide how to make a case for promotion or a salary raise.

Knowing the tricks of the human resources (HR) trade

If you work for a large company they will have a human resources department. This is the driving force behind recruitment and hiring of staff, and setting the standards that all staff are expected to meet. Human resources practice and policy changes and updates in line with commercial demands and psychological/personality-based research. It is a valuable weapon to know how the HR department operates. If you know what they expect of you, you can meet that tenfold and boost your reputation in the company. A career coach is a HR expert. If you are strategic in planning your career you will benefit from meeting a career coach for a crash course in how human resources practice influences your career growth.


The global financial crisis has shaken everyone’s sense of career security. If you have been made redundant from one job, you need to sell yourself to the highest pitch for another job. A career coach will help you to cut through today’s challenging job market to find not just a job, but your job. It is easy to lose confidence and start to feel unemployable if you have been made redundant. And no matter how confident a person is, it can be terrifying to change from one career to an entirely different one. Your first step back onto a strong career ladder could be to find a career coach. They can save you a lot of anxiety and energy as you prepare to enter a dramatically altered job market.

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