CV Layout Template

This is a question I get asked every other day and I always happily send my CV Layout template out.

These are the main CV Layout Template components:


It is obvious that your name is essential, make sure it’s clear whose CV the hiring manager is reading. You do not want them to mix up your name.

Contact Details

Yes people do forget to add their email or even a mobile number.

Personal Profile

The purpose of your personal profile is to show how you could match the requirements for your next role. It is key that you develop different profiles for different roles.

Career Summary

The purpose is to quickly show the decision maker what your career history is. They can see how you progressed, your job titles and durations. This will help them to match you up to the requirements without having to look at any other page.

Key Skills

These are very handy for technical or complex roles. Recruiters often don’t know the difference between certain databases or graphics software. Adding your key skills will make it easy for them to see that you match the requirements.

Career Overview

This is the largest part of your CV. It should include every role and your achievements for each of these roles.


Got more skills? Add them here. Show you are a rounded person with plenty to offer.


Don’t assume since you have a French name that recruiters know you speak French or Native English. Make sure you classify your level.

Personal Details

Many people either add too much or leave important things out. If the job you apply for is all about team work, you should add any team sports you play. Do not add your Date of Birth it is not needed.

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