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The Job Search Formula

This book is your ideal companion if you need a new job urgently. The book will give you a deeper understanding of why companies hire and how you can become their ideal target. It will teach you how to stop wasting time on countless applications and organise your job search effectively. From CV writing to getting job leads to successful interviewing, The Job Search Formula covers it all. Read more or :

Job Interview Success, How to prepare for a job interview?

Job interviews are one of the key parts to obtaining a new role. After spending days or even months hunting for interviews you have to make them count. This little book will help you prepare better for your interviews.

Choosing the right company for you

Nothing is more fulfilling as working your ideal job in a great company. When we speak with clients we often find that they love their jobs but their environment is not right for them. This book can help you choose the right company for you.

Career books are the easiest way to get your career back on track. We are always developing new books. If you have a great idea for a career book let us know. We are currently working on a new job search book so stay tuned.

What our readers say

A great read L. Harry
You could be a brilliant mind or an expert in your field, but unless you know how to showcase your abilities and know what the employers are looking for, you might never get that job you are applying for. That’s what this book is all about. It answers the question – Why people get hired.Oleg Medvedkov
When I decided to bite the bullet and leave my comfortable job to go into contracting I had initial apprehensions. However, I found solace in this book. The insightful analysis and guide to managing Recruiting Agents, Updating and posting my CV on job boards and interview tips were the exact tips and guidance I needed to meander through the minefield of job searching. ‘Go-to guides’ and ‘The Holy Book for……..’ are often over used cliches. However, I can comfortably state that this book can be easily classed as either one. A must buy if you’re thinking of changing jobs or in between jobs and worried about the dearth in calls from recruiters.KopThaT