Call Centre Work Is It Really That Bad?

A lot of people wouldn’t even consider the option of working in a call centre due to the bad reputation that they have, which can mainly be attributed to the wide generalisations that are made in the press. Whilst it is true that some companies have call centres that are not being run as efficiently as they should (or could be) this does not mean that the people working there, doing the majority of the work, are bad at their jobs.

So if you are currently one of those people who are a bit wary of working in a call centre, then you should make sure you do some research into what the jobs are like first and then focus on the positives instead of the negatives, which include:

  • The fact that you’ll have a job. Even if people make derogatory comments about your place of work, simply shrug these off. After all, you’re earning money and if you work hard then it will lead on to bigger and better things. Getting a job is hard enough these days, so you should be proud of the fact you’ve got one.


  • Even if you don’t want to work at the call centre forever, it will still provide you with valuable work experience that you can put on your CV; valuable experience like, dealing with customers, handling complaints, organisation and spoken communication, all of which are highly respected by organisations across all industries.

Of course not everyone will be suited to work in a call centre and people are often surprised at this for they see it as an easy job. However, to be a successful call centre worker you will need to possess certain skills and attributes, which include but are not limited to:

  • Outgoing with a hard shell, so that you can deal with customers effectively, even those who are difficult, unhappy or rude;


  • Calm and patient, so that you do not get drawn into arguments with customers if things become heated;


  • Listening and communication, so that you can properly understand what it is the customer wants and can get across your message from the company clearly back to the customer so that there are no misunderstandings;


  • Multi-tasking and organised, so that you do not lose track of customer calls, messages that need to be passed on, filing, ringing people back etc.

You will of course acquire other, highly sought after skills as you do the job, including the ability to keep calm when under pressure and in a challenging environment, resilience, problem solving and of course various computer skills.

So don’t automatically dismiss working in a call centre, as you will learn and you will earn, which is better than being unemployed and unskilled.

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