Bullying at Work are you Affected?

Do you think you would recognise if you were being bullied at work? Bullying at work is not always blatant – it can often be a subtle accumulation of events that cause you to feel mistreated in your workplace. Studies across the UK and the US have both found that around 75% of people don’t report it. There are four main reasons for this:

Fear of losing their job
Fear of making things worse at work
Fear of not being listened to
Doubting yourself

This last point is the most important. Knowing what defines a bully’s behaviour at work places you in a strong position to challenge it.

What is a bully?

A bully can be identified through their behaviour towards an employee that is indecent, humiliating, or intimidating. The perpetrator can be another colleague or a senior member of staff, and surprisingly, studies suggest that females are more likely to bully than males.

Signs that you are being bullied

Being ostracised from your senior managers or your team
Being excluded from key aspects of your role
Intimidation: behaviour that belittles your skills and attacks your value
Being forced to justify the most straightforward aspects of your job
Being given contradictory instructions
Inappropriate sexual remarks or physical contact
Constant negative attitude towards you
Verbal or physical aggression

Check out our infographic for a detailed list of physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms that can be caused by bullying at work. Always seek help — your workplace should never jeopardise your health.
[pinit count=”horizontal”] Bullying at Work

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