Brooks arrested over phone hacking

Most people do things wrong at work. They take home a pen, some paper out of the printer or other petty stuff. This can be detrimental to your career. It does not matter how small the violation is, it is a violation and can get you the sack.

If this ever happened to you it will be hard to recover. Certainly when you have a criminal record as a result. So how do you recover? There is only one way and that is honesty.

Confess and move on. If your future employer asks about your record, don’t lie. Be honest, explain what happened and stress you have learned your lesson. Then move on to focus on why you are the best person of the job and hope thats enough.

Brooks quits over phone hacking: “Rebekah Brooks resigns as chief executive of News International, saying she was “detracting attention” as the firm tackles the phone-hacking scandal.”

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