How to Become a Creative Genius Infographic


Is being an amazingly creative person something reserved for those elite few who are lucky enough to posses it inanely? Of course not! One must simply have the drive, but it doesn’t hurt to know some helpful techniques that can put one on a 5-day path to “Creative Genius” status!
Initially, you’ll want to decide on a creative space that’s comfortable and well-lit. You then want to make the space your own! Add color, inspiring pictures, and some mood music!
Day two will be about brainstorming. Make some notes, draw some doodles and brainstorm. You can even start mapping out some rough drafts at this point.
On to day three! Now onto the masterpiece! Try to get started on your piece, whatever it may be. If you get stumped, take some time off and come back to it.
Day four may be difficult, but will consist of taking a critical eye to your work. Evaluate it and find mistakes, all in the name of improvement.
For the last day, you’ll put yourself out there, in putting your work out there. Promote your creation, and gain valuable exposure as well as other points-of-views and opinions.

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