Become A Graphic Designer And Let Your Creative Juices Flow!

So Why Graphic Design

If you have ever thought that you might have a creative side but aren’t being able to express it to your full potential then you might want to consider a career as a graphic designer. Creativity is not really something that you can learn, instead, it is fair to say that it is something you are born with. Therefore having this god given talent and not being able to explore that, is a bit of a crime don’t you think? With this in mind, there is no better way to bring this to the fore than a job as a graphic designer.

What does a graphic designer really do?

In essence, a Graphic designer conveys information to potential customers using visual techniques, in order to enhance or promote a business or service. In a small business environment this could mean printed flyers, informational pamphlets and logo creation. As part of a large corporation duties could include meeting with department heads or potential clients in order to gain an understanding of how the project should go. They might also be responsible for liaising with printers and publishers to identify best types of paper for the design.

Another area a he can work is in the design of websites. This is clearly becoming a huge market for them but an in depth knowledge of scripting language is normally required.

In the media world graphic designers are employed to layout publications of magazines and newspapers.

What does it take?

It is fair to say that graphic design is a very competitive business. However that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any jobs to be had. On the contrary, with the invention of the World Wide Web, it has opened up a whole myriad of possibilities. It has brought designers in touch with businesses who would otherwise not need these services.

What qualities do you need?

Visual problem solving skills
When it comes to layouts of newspapers and magazines a skilled graphic designer will be able to visually jig about designs in their minds until it feels right.

This is key to being a graphic designer and having that creative spark will certainly stand you in good stead. You don’t necessarily need to be able to paint like an ‘old master’ but what you do need is a great eye for colour and to some extent be able to sketch.

Being open to change
The graphic design world is one that is fast paced and ever changing. New technologies are being invented all the time, so a willingness to learn this new technology and not ‘stick with what you know’ will help.

So how can I become a graphic designer?

The formal way
A bachelors or associated degree in graphic design is a three year course and is the formal qualification needed. They usually cover all aspects of graphic design, but after your degree you might decide that you want to specialise in one particular area. Having this degree will by no means guarantee you a job, however it is fair to say that most employees will prefer you over someone who doesn’t have a degree.

The Informal way
A lot of them work freelance. This means that they aren’t tied down to one employer, instead they work for a myriad of clients. The downside to this is that you will have to go and find your own clients. The upside of this is that you are working for…well you! A degree isn’t necessary, just proof that you can do the job asked, therefore build yourself a great portfolio

Okay so what about the pay for graphic designers?

Pay can vary tremendously. If you are a junior who is learning the ropes then you can expect to earn around £18,0000 – £20,000 per annum. A top designer can earn in excess of £70,000. The average pay is around the £30,000 mark.

So there you have it an insight into the world of the graphic designer. If this is something you are interested in then you might want to check it out further.

*image courtesy of figlioDiOrfeo

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