BBC News – Long-term unemployment hits high – IPPR think tank

Long-term unemployments now stands at 850,000. According to he IPPR this is “worryingly high”

With economic growth a mere 0.5% it still is going to be rough for many. For those who are in a situation that it is very had to find work, there are a few things you can do to keep up.

Here are just a few:
– The library is full of resources to acquire new knowledge
– The internet will have masses of information on the latest developments and technologies
– Volunteering can help you to keep active and don’t become alienated from society

BBC News – Long-term unemployment hits high – IPPR think tank

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  1. Dr David Hill

    The largest long-term unemployed figure since 1997 of 850,000 out-of-work, indicates that our national economic strategic policy is inherently flawed. Indeed, with the huge deficit cuts that the government are having to make through Labour’s disastrous and unprecedented mismanagement of the economy for 13 years, this highly alarming record for the future of British employment will eventually be well exceeded and unfortunately, if we do not take action, be in perpetuity and permanent.. This will be devastating for Britain’s future and our future generations to come.
    For history has shown that every successive government has failed to bring long-term stability and long-term job growth. The reason for this is that government and their Whitehall advisers do not understand the dynamics of international competitiveness and how important innovation is to create employment and new wealth. In this respect Britain has the most creative people in the world according to research by Japan and Germany, that have provided the ground-breaking thought to create up to 54% of the modern world as we see it today. The problem is that government does not comprehend what the history of S&T tells them in this respect and that up to 75% of our fundamental world-leading thinking emanates from people outside the confines of our universities and advanced corporate research centres. Indeed government do not make any real allowance in their policy thinking to provide the creative infrastructure that the nation needs to release this global economic advantage that we clearly have. Until this great penny drops and they introduce eight strategically positioned ORE-Incubator centres that are directly linked to our world-leading universities and corporations, long-term unemployment will continue to spiral downwards and eventually until it is out of control. For Government just has to start thinking out of the box and introduce a holistic economic policy strategy where pre-eminent ideas, R&D and commercial exploitation do indeed come together. Presently we have only two economic components working and where the most important is left out of our economic equation. The dire consequence of this are that vast unemployment trends show us that our ‘Innovation Chain’ is completely broken. Overall, if the same thinking from Government and industry prevails, things will simply get far worse and that is a fact unfortunately. Consequently when will our government listen therefore is the big question and where independent minds are seen as our greatest and dormant national strength? For China and the SE Asian economies now see this with their own people and where their future economic dominance will be based upon this fundamental thinking and where the outcome for Britain will be increasingly ruinous in economic terms.

    Dr David Hill
    Executive Director
    World Innovation Foundation

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