BBC News – Can China’s economy absorb six million graduates?

Competition for good jobs is always strong and but often overstated. The biggest problem job seekers face is that they apply for the wrong jobs or have a the wrong CV for that job.

In order to resolve the endless applications with seemingly no results job seekers need to be clear about what they bring to a company. If thats skills, experiences personality or something else, it does not really matter what it is but the company needs to want it.

You cannot sell something they don’t want or sell something they want but you seem to want something else. Let me give an example, if you are a great sales person but your CV is full of example of projects you managed then this is confusing for the hiring managers and raises the question, do you ant to be a sales person or a project manager.

Failure to get something simple as this wrong will cause you to end up in the B pile and never get an interview.

BBC News – Can China’s economy absorb six million graduates?

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