A Positive Job Search

Staying positive during your Job Search is part of the challenge. The longer your job search takes the worse you feel and negative emotions are rife. Some of the drivers of this negativity include:

1. Not enough things to do to keep yourself busy
2. Worry about the financial future
3. Negative people around you
4. Not getting the right responses to your job applications
5. Rejections after interviews
6. Bad diet
7. No exercise
8. Isolation

Addressing those drivers is key to keep both your spirit and job search on track. Take negativity into an interview and rest assured the hiring manager will sense you are not motivated, lack energy or that something is not right. Another rejection only adds to the already existing negativity and, if you are not careful, this vicious circle can cost you a lot of wasted time.

The worst thing that can happen is that you start doubting and underselling yourself, which in turn results in landing a job you do not really want to do and even more negativity to come.

So how do we tackle this?

1. Not enough things to do or boredom are easy to overcome. A Job Search
should be a full time job so build up a schedule of activities. Some activities should be daily whilst others weekly and some are monthly. For example, call recruiters daily to follow up on progress of applications and update your spreadsheet with the current status and when to follow up next. Make sure you have a good balance between looking for a job, looking after yourself and taking care of your family.

2. Worrying about the future is natural. Financial worries are number one. Upcoming bills and declining savings are like oil on fire if you are not careful. Financial planning and getting government support you are entitled too are a must. Job seekers’ allowance and other income support are one side of the solution. The other side is making sure you cut back on all spending but essentials. You have to be aware that a job search can take up to 6 months.

3. Negative people around are a big no. One potential solution would be to create some distance between eachother. If you notice friends, neighbours, family or acquaintances are hampering your effort or undermining your confidence, try to stop seeing them at all or keep conversations light.

4. Response rates to applications may be limited and depending on how desirable your skills and experiences are it could take a few months before the right responses arrive. Make sure you your Curriculum Vitae is written for each specific role and for each job include all relevant information that a recruiter is looking for. If you are still struggling to get responses then maybe you should invest time in rewriting your CV.
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To be continued, …

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