A Positive Job Search Part 2

In A Positive Job Search part one we outlines 4 elements we should tackle when dealing with negativity so we can keep our heads up and stay positive.

1. Not enough things to do to keep yourself busy
2. Worry about the financial future
3. Negative people around you
4. Not getting the right responses to your job applications

Now it’s time to look at the other 4.

5. Rejections after interviews
6. Bad diet
7. No exercise
8. Isolation

5. Rejection after interviews is also a very common cause of negative feelings or even depression. These days employers are spoiled for choice. Recruiters get hundreds of CV’s of which 10 to 15 get sent to the hiring manager. He selects 3 or 4 to invite for an interview. So if it is your first rejection, do not worry; you have managed to beat hundreds of people so far. You should feel great! If, however, you failed more than 4 interviews in a row it is time to have a look at what might be going wrong. Did negativity creep in? Did you not prepare well? Something must be up so support from a coach might not be a bad investment.

6. A bad diet is also a mood killer. You need the vitamins and energy to work through your daily and weekly schedules. Beer and burgers are a recipe for disaster. Fruit and veg is the way to go.

7. Lack of exercise is also a big danger. Sit in a chair for a week and all sorts of pains will start to creep up on you. They, in turn, will kill your mood. Exercise releases positive hormones, which you need the most in your job search.

8. Isolation is a big danger. You get removed from society and loose the ability to relate to other people. If you isolate yourself you are going to have a tougher time interacting with recruiters, hiring managers and your support network.

A job search is a challenge that requires planning and effort and can be very rewarding if done well. If you are struggling in your job search and do not seem to keep a positive state of mind, maybe it’s time for career coaching.

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