A job in IT

We have all seen the slogans “There are hundreds of highly paid IT jobs available every year … would you like one?” followed by a course you can take to become qualified. Unfortunately its not that simple. Yes there are a lot of jobs in IT but IT is not for everyone. I am sure there are lots of people who love their IT jobs. Maybe this story rings a bell.

About 8 years ago I had a phone interview with a lovely lady. Unfortunately she did struggle a bit answering some of the questions. When I gave feedback to the recruiter he said she was well qualified but very nervous. He then faxed me a bunch of Microsoft certificates. A colleague said he was impressed with the certificates and we decided to get her in for a face to face interview. She failed. When we gave feedback to the recruiter he told us that she really wanted to get a job in IT. He did unfortunately did not know why and apart from the qualifications if she was any good at it.

Even when you get the knowledge of certain subjects it does not mean the capability comes with that and it just might not be what you are naturally good at. Some jobs sound great and pay well but if you don’t love them and they are not your strengths they can often become a frustration. What`s even more frustrating is that in the two year you had that high paying job you bought a house and a car. You also spend some money on a new TV and went on Holiday on the credit card. Now you are stuck in a place you hate but you cant afford to leave.

If you feel you are in a job you don’t like and want to get out but don’t know how, consider career coaching.

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