8 Weekend Jobs to Supplement Your Income

How to start a dog walking business

We could all do with a bit of extra money, whether it’s to cover debt shortages, treat ourselves a bit more often or just to lessen the pressure every month when the bills come in.

The idea of a Saturday job is more commonly associated with teenagers and students, yet that’s merely a stereotype. In reality, there’s nothing wrong with anyone from any background, of any age or at any stage in their career taking on extra roles to bring in the cash when it’s needed. If you’re currently considering it, then here are eight reliable ways to boost the bank account on your days off.

1. Babysitting

So what if most people who do this are below 20? If you’re older, then you probably have more experience looking after children, or at least being around them. On top of this, the overwhelming benefit of babysitting is that it often only requires you to be at a certain location, while not necessarily doing anything. This means you can spend this making further money, through another means, such as:

2. Copywriting

Whether it’s on a blog you’ve set up, for a marketing agency or for one-off jobs on a copywriting website, writing online is something anyone can do, providing they have an Internet connection. The pay is often bad and it can be time-consuming, but it’s a handy way to start making cash in an instant.

3. Dogwalking

Aside from the enjoyment of being around one of nature’s happiest creatures, walking dogs regularly can help reduce stress levels. If you enjoy and and want to make it a permanent feature in your life read this post about starting a dog walking business

4. Tutor for students

Whether it’s in an area you work from Monday to Friday or a subject you excelled at in school, everyone has one or two topics they can proficiently educate others in.

5. Waitering

It’s often looked down upon as a lowly profession, but if you get a popular restaurant that allows waiters and waitresses to keep their tips – as opposed to sharing them out among all staff members – then you can supplement your wages quite significantly. All you need is a bit of charisma and charm.

6. Gardening

Like dog walking, gardening gets you out in the open and gives you a bit of fresh air, which is always good for your health. You tend to find that with gardening jobs you’ll be working for neighbours, so it also presents an opportunity to get to know the people in your area a bit better.

7. Buy and sell online

Whether you do it through eBay, Amazon, Alibaba or any other major wholesale website, you can become a part-time salesperson from your own home. You’ll need some capital to start off with, but if you keep on top of your accounts it can work out well for you.

8. Promotions

No matter how much technology advances, you can always guarantee local businesses will need someone to hand out flyers for them. It’s low pay, but it’s easy work that anyone can do.

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