3 reasons why you might lie on a CV/Resume and 3 reasons why not to


  1. Why you might … ‘embellish’ your profile to gain the recruiter’s interest in you from the start.

Your profile is the opening statement of your CV/Resume, and it can be tempting to exaggerate a job role or some of the experience you have had.


Why not to: if you stretch the truth in your profile, you are definitely going to get so engrossed in writing up all of the other sections, that you won’t remember to tweak another area to match your initial lie. You probably won’t remember until you send it off, so one or more other sections of your CV or Resume will betray you.


  1. Why you might … claim to have had more employers than you have actually had, to fill in an unemployment gap for example.

It’s tempting to think that no-one is going to check the ‘company’ and ‘length of time’ you worked for back in 2006.


Why not to: because recruiters and potential employers do check. It’s more easy now to digitally edit ‘authentic’ references, so employers check you out the most foolhardy way – by picking up the phone and calling the people on your CV/Resume.


  1. Why you might … play down your qualifications and experience to get a job that you are over-qualified for. For some reason or another, many of us need to apply for stop-gap jobs at times, while we’re working towards the career we’re qualified for.

Why not to: because as soon as you arrive for interview, the interviewer will pick up on it. Your experience and education comes across in the way you speak, what you speak about, and how you describe (however minimally) your previous experience.


Your CV is the first contact that the company of your dreams has got with you. If you start out dishonestly, they are not going to want to know much more about you. Be honest, and if you don’t get this job just have faith – you’ll get the job that’s meant for you.


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